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1-day pocketbook

■Basics of how to make a memorandum on a 1- day pocketbook
    The earth’s rotation period is one day. People plans their personal safety and happiness in detail during the 24 hours. For example, you need to decide how to use the hours a day properly to arrange meals, kids’ activities, pet training, studying, working, housework, taking a bath, sleeping etc. reasonably.
There are about 1,050,000 hours in one’s 120-year lifetime. If we make memos on the 1-day notebook with the method of 5w1h, then we would have at least 6,300,000 data to record. In this way, it’s not difficult to design our activities for the coming new day.
    It is good for those who are taking medicine or healthy supplements to have a 1-day notebook with them and as well a 1-day notebook is the best choice for the busy managers.

・Mark: things which can be finished within 15 minutes .
・Unit: things which can be finished within 1 hour.
・Period: repetitions in 6 hours.