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120-year pocketbook

■Basics of how to make a memorandum on a 120-year pocketbook
What is your definition for success and happiness in your life time.

    Scientific reports show that one can live as long as 120 years. Suppose that you would be alive for 120 years, were you sure you would make others happy among this long period? Just like the histories of the rise and fall of a nation or a civilization, people have the ups and downs throughout their life time. For the problems of kids’ education, health care, family life, property management etc, you should plan it for a 120-year run. For example, as an adult, you should work out a plan to establish a happy family and how to manage it in the coming 12 years from 25 to 36.
    First, you need to write down your birth date on the birthday section, your parents’ names and your birthplace. Then write down your zodiac sign on the top of the schedule section and the era name of the year you were born in the time-space, and last please write down the Christian Era year when you are 120 years old, by this your personal calendar is born. Maybe you can write down all the Christian Era years and their era names when you are free.
    Although a 120-year pocketbook sounds like a thick notebook to make, it is very important for one to make the memos briefly and concisely.

・Mark: things which can be finished within 3 months.
・Unit: things which can be finished within 1 year.
・Period: repetitions in 12 years.