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12-year pocketbook

■Basics of how to make a memorandum on a 12-year pocketbook
    A period of 12 years is long enough to tell if your business successful or not. During this 12 years, you can decide the most important business for you and as well your social position will be set down by the business.
    In order to make a appropriate memorandum on the 12-year notebook, it’s necessary to think over everything to record by the method of 5w1h repeatedly. The cycle of a social riot suppressed would be 12 years, therefore 12 years is long enough to establish a new social system.
    Of all the types of Miwatasu Techo, Maybe 12-year pocketbook is the most vital one for you. After many years, when you open the pockerbooks and turn over the pages slowly, the familiar faces of the old friends who are apart from you in a long distance, the nights when you were weeping lonely, the painful days when you suffered from illness etc, everything just comes over you clearly. With this memo book, you can record and design all the things being concerned with you, such as the illness, the family, the house, the property, the company where you are working at and the national organization and also the international affairs. For those beginners, it’s suggested that you should write down your plans with a pencil and things happened with a pen.

・Mark: things which can be finished within 10 days.
・Unit: things which can be finished within 1 month.
・Period: repetitions in 1 year.