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1-month pocketbook

■Basics of how to make a memorandum on a 1-month pocketbook
    In this world, there are many things that you cannot reach for by your own power, or you cannot reach for them without hard work. But for an adult with strong ability, he (she) can gather the proper products, technologies and talented persons promptly by his (her) own personal relationships to develop his (her) business. One month is long enough to make one successful through the communications with different people. One month is a cycle to make appoints with the customers and to negotiate the related matters with them regularly. Usually the cycle of the receipt of the salary and the payment of a credit card is one month, too. A good memo book can tell us what kinds of customers would come to visit us even if they don’t have any appointments in advance. If you have achieved this level, then congratulations! You are already a qualified businessman.
    In the notebooks of a fisherman, there record the waxing and waning of the moon and the haul of fish everyday. By checking the 1-month pocketbook, you will find which day that you are free in a month, who you will meet and what kind of partner you need in your next business. The basic point of this notebook is that you must write down all the clients’ names and the details of the agreements between your customers and you.

・Mark: things which can be finished within 6 hours.
・Unit: things which can be finished within 1 day.
・Period: repetitions in 1 week.