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1-year pocketbook

■Basics of how to make a memorandum on a 1-year pocketbook
    The orbital period of the earth is 1 year, and there is only one birthday in a year for your wife or children. One year is the basic period to plan natural, social and local activities and it is also the basic period of studying. As to the business you are working on, all the annual production targets you planned in 12-year notebook will be put into practice through the production theme set monthly and the production tasks weekly.
    By the daily use of  the note for one year, you’ll find that you have learned how to deal with your daily work and your own personal relationships have been set up naturally. For the period of one year, you can also redesign the projects concerned according to your present situation and your new aim.

・Mark: things which can be finished within 1 day.
・Unit: things which can be finished within 1 week.
・Period: repetitions in 1 month